Services of Learn Quran Academy

Learn online quran recitation with Tajweed. We designed special courses for kids to teach them Noorani Qauida, identification of Arabic Alphabets, Harakaat, Kasra (Zair), Dammah (Paish), Sakoon (Jazam, Maddah and leen letters, Learn standing Fatha, Kasra and Dammah, Learn Shaddah, Learn Madd, Learn Tanween, Learn Idgham, Learn Iqlab, Learn Ikhfa, Learn rules of Meem sakin.

We provide Online quran tutors (Qaarias and Qari’s) to teach quran to students of all ages. Learn Quran with Tajweed. Our trained teachers provide best training of quran with tajweed. Online quran lessons are designed to teach recitation of quran in minimum time.

Choose any time for your class as per your convenience to attend our specially designed online quran courses.Submit the query and our team will contact you within 24 hours or contact us by phone/Email/Skype

Learn Quran Academy Services

Basic Quran Reading

This course has been established for children who do not have any experience in reading the Quran . Our Academy Tutors are qualified to teach the Noorani Qaida so that children can learn the compilation of words correctly. This method enables children to learn to read Quran using the correct pronunciation.

Online Quran Courses for Kids

As Muslims it is our duty to study the Quran and to teach the Quran to our children. At Learn Quran Academy we provide the setup to learn the Quran for our children in the comfort of their home. We provide one to one Quran classes and you can choose the time of the class at your own convenience.

Online Quran Memorization course

If parents have a desire for their children to memorize the Quran but due to unavailability of skilled tutors they remain deprived of this great opportunity. At Learn Quran Academy we offer a complete service of online Quran memorization under supervision of skilled tutors.

Online Quran Courses for Females

Do you live in a country where it is difficult to reach the Mosque or Islamic Centre for learning the Holy Quran? Do you want guidance in learning the Quran with meaning? Are you interested in studying the Quran? Then this is the right place to begin with as all of our Muslim sisters will be taught by our highly qualified female tutors

Islamic Concepts

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. There are more than 1.6 billion Muslims around the world who follow Islam. The word Islam means voluntary “Submission” or “Surrender” to the Will of God. It derives from the root word “salam,” meaning peace Allah is One, The Superior and the only creator of this universe with no partners and all existence is under his Control. In this course we teach the concepts of Islam.

Free Trial Classes

At Learn Quran Academy our objective is to support every Muslim to learn the Quran online from a number of our highly qualified Tutors. We are happy to offer free Trial Classes in the beginning and then commence lessons thereafter. Our students range from brothers, children and sisters of all ages and in Islam it is obligatory for every Muslim to study the word of Allah and learn to read the Holy Quran with the correct pronunciation.

You can try our Free Trial Session

No Obligation Lessons to Evaluate our Quran Reading Service & Teachers, After the free lessons you can decide to continue or discontinue Quran learning with us.!